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From Humble Beginnings

Auburn Hills’ tale is one that intertwines with the turbulent times of the 1950s. Amidst the throes of racial discrimination, four determined African American men, persistently denied housing due to their race, embarked on a quest to create a space where they belonged. From their resolute determination emerged 20 acres of land, now fondly referred to as the Auburn Hills neighborhood. Their actions, although not directly rooted in the broader civil rights movement, nonetheless shattered the housing color barrier in Grand Rapids. Despite the numerous obstacles they faced, their dreams triumphed, sculpting the modern-day Auburn Hills.

The Tranquil Enclave of Auburn Hills

Tucked away on the northeast fringes of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Auburn Hills is a haven of peace and community spirit. Its quaint size belies its rich history, with streets adorned by mature trees and homes bearing the architectural legacy of the mid to late 20th century. While Auburn Hills’ small footprint is packed with historic homes, nature is never too far away. The sprawling 80-acre Huff Park, a stone’s throw from Auburn Hills, invites residents with its plethora of activities. Whether it’s cross country skiing in the winter or enjoying a friendly baseball game, the park has something for everyone. The intertwining trails meander through untouched natural areas, a testament to the city’s commitment to preserving green spaces. Ball Perkins Park offers another verdant escape, complete with a community garden that adds a touch of rustic charm.

Historic Prestige: The Kent Country Club

A stone’s throw away, The Kent Country Club stands as Michigan’s oldest members-only club. Founded in 1896, it epitomizes luxury and leisure, offering a range of amenities from golf to gourmet dining. This lush, green sanctuary is also a sought-after wedding venue, offering couples a picturesque backdrop for their special day.

Education and Extracurriculars

A hop, skip, and jump away lies Wellspring Preparatory High School. Garnering a commendable 10-star academic rating, the institution isn’t just about books. Students immerse themselves in a medley of activities, be it arts, sports, or leadership, ensuring holistic development.

Gastronomic Delights at Lai Thai Restaurant

Culinary enthusiasts are in for a treat at Lai Thai Restaurant, a mere 5-minute drive from Auburn Hills. Helmed by the talented Sawalee, a Thailand native, and backed by the Taylor family, this eatery promises an authentic Thai experience. The use of locally-sourced ingredients, combined with traditional recipes, makes it a must-visit for food aficionados.

A Legacy of Dreams and Community

The Auburn Hills neighborhood stands as a testament to dreams, determination, and community. From its historical roots to its present-day vibrancy, it remains a beacon of hope, resilience, and unity.


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