Behind the Scenes at Meijer Gardens: A Close-Up with the Butterflies are Blooming Exhibit

Welcome to a special feature on Grand Rapids Neighborhoods, brought to you by Smallegan Real Estate. We’re excited to take you inside the Fred & Dorothy Fichter Butterflies are Blooming exhibit at Frederik Meijer Gardens. In this post, you’ll find an exclusive video where Kurt Loosenort from Smallegan Real Estate talks with Steve LaWarre, VP of Horticulture at the gardens, also known lovingly as “Doctor Butterfly.”

Exploring the Butterfly Exhibit

Hello, everyone! I’m Kurt Loosenort with Smallegan Real Estate. Today, we’re at the breathtaking butterfly exhibit at Frederik Meijer Gardens. With us is Steve LaWarre, who will guide us through this vibrant ecosystem, a favorite among visitors for nearly 50 years.

The Evolution of the Exhibit

The Butterflies are Blooming exhibition is the garden’s most popular event, drawing over 200,000 visitors during its annual two-month run each spring. Initially a modest two-week event, it has grown into a much-anticipated experience, showcasing thousands of butterflies in a lush, tropical setting.

Steve explains, “We’re enjoying 85-degree weather and 80% humidity here, making it feel like a tropical escape. It’s our 49th year, and the public’s interest continues to soar.”

Education and Conservation

The exhibition isn’t just visually stunning; it serves as an important educational tool. Visitors learn about the life cycle of butterflies, the role of habitats in their survival, and the importance of conservation efforts.

Steve shares insights on the educational impact: “This exhibit sparks a lot of curiosity. Visitors leave with more questions than they came with, eager to learn about where these butterflies come from and how they can support conservation efforts at home.”

A Closer Look at the Process

During our interview, Steve takes us through the lifecycle management at the exhibit, from receiving chrysalises to nurturing these creatures until they’re ready to fly around the garden. “Each year, we receive about a thousand butterflies per week during the exhibition season, from various regions including Central and South America and Africa.”

This immersive experience not only educates but also highlights the delicate balance of ecosystems and the specific needs of different butterfly species.

Your Visit to the Exhibit

We invite you to visit this incredible exhibit at Frederik Meijer Gardens. Whether you’re a long-time enthusiast or a curious first-timer, the butterfly exhibit offers a unique blend of beauty, education, and inspiration. Bring your family and friends to experience this vibrant habitat and learn about the vital role these beautiful creatures play in our ecosystem.

Thank you for joining us for this look inside one of Grand Rapids’ most cherished springtime events. We hope this feature inspires you to visit and support butterfly conservation.

For more details on visiting the exhibit and other local attractions, stay tuned to Grand Rapids Neighborhoods.