Discover the Best Fall Activities in Grand Rapids, Michigan

As the vibrant summer hues transition into the warm tones of fall, Grand Rapids, Michigan, blossoms into a picturesque canvas offering a variety of activities that cater to individuals and families alike. Whether you are a local or a tourist, the fall season in Grand Rapids is packed with events and natural beauty that shouldn’t be missed. Let’s dive into the top fall activities that can offer you an unforgettable experience in Grand Rapids, MI.

1. Immerse Yourself in Grand Rapids’ Spectacular Fall Foliage

Grand Rapids boasts a well-deserved reputation for its breathtaking autumnal landscapes, and the city offers an array of locations where you can fully savor the exquisite fall hues. Among the must-visit spots are Calvin University’s Ecosystem Preserve and Riverside Park, both cherished for their leaf-peeping splendor. These locales not only offer picturesque settings for capturing the vibrant seasonal palette on your social media, but they also provide serene havens for leisurely strolls and unwinding after a bustling day.

2. ArtPrize: A Grand Rapids Signature Event

Art enthusiasts will find themselves immersed in the rich art culture of Grand Rapids during the ArtPrize event. This biennial event transforms the downtown area into an art haven, showcasing a diverse range of artworks that can captivate any art lover’s heart.

3. Fall Festivals

Fall in Grand Rapids is a vibrant tapestry of festivals, each offering a unique celebration of art, culture, and community. Some festivals going on this fall include: The Michigan Apple Fest, Eastown Street Fair, the GR Film Festival, Dia de los Muertos Festival, and many more!  These are just a glimpse of the many more fall festivals that make Grand Rapids a hub of autumnal excitement, promising something special for every taste and interest.

4. Haunted Attractions in Grand Rapids

As Halloween approaches, the city offers a range of haunted attractions for thrill-seekers. From haunted houses to historical tours narrating the eerie past of the city, Grand Rapids ensures a spooky yet fun Halloween season.

5. Family Fun at Apple Orchards and Corn Mazes

Fall is synonymous with apple orchards and corn mazes. Farms such as Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery offer a family-friendly environment where you can enjoy apple picking, hayrides, and navigate through intricate corn mazes, making it a top destination for family fun in Grand Rapids.

6. Explore Biking and Hiking Trails

For outdoor enthusiasts, Grand Rapids offers numerous biking and hiking trails that are especially beautiful during the fall season. Trails such as the Kent Trails and Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park are popular choices, offering a serene escape into nature adorned with fall colors.

7. Fall Sports in Grand Rapids 

Grand Rapids is home to some great sports teams including the West Michigan Whitecaps, Grand Rapids Gold, and the Grand Rapids Griffins. While the Whitecaps season is coming to a close, the Grand Rapids Griffins and the Grand Rapids Gold will be starting up their seasons again this fall! Sports enthusiasts can go watch the Griffins at the Van Andel Arena starting in October or go watch an exciting game of basketball with the Grand Rapids Gold starting in November where they will be playing at the Van Andel Arena as well.


Grand Rapids, MI, with its vibrant fall activities, promises an unforgettable season filled with color, art, and adventure. Whether you are exploring the scenic parks, enjoying the rich art, watching a game of basketball, or seeking thrill in haunted attractions, Grand Rapids ensures a fall season packed with fun and excitement. Plan your fall itinerary with these top activities in Grand Rapids, and immerse yourself in the vibrant fall spirit of Michigan.